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The comments below are genuine testimonials. They are presented anonymously to preserve client confidentiality.

Anxiety about Speaking "I will wait before booking another appointment, as to be honest I've seen a big improvement in myself. I've been using your CD and going over the things you wrote down for me. Speech has been a bit better when talking to managers at work, still having the odd over-sensitive slip up, but generally not as many. I had a job interview today and didn't stutter or mix up my words once! Thought it would be terrible as well as it was a group interview with five other candidates. I will carry on with what I'm doing and let you know if I need another session. Thanks for your help!"

Bird Phobia "I came to see you about a year ago about my bird phobia, which I am happy to say is not a problem for me anymore."

Fear of Cycling "I just wanted to let you know how I got on after my appointment with you last Monday. I listened to the CD a couple of times during the week and kept running through in my mind being on my bike and enjoying it.

Today I went out on my bike, and although I was a wee bit jittery at first I felt a vast difference from previous attempts. My husband came with me and I spent a while just getting used to it in a car park and then we went into Mugdock park and I did some circuits with my husband giving me advice and telling me various things to try and explaining how the bike works etc. All in all I was out for about an hour and a half, and there were no tears, I felt quite relaxed and was able to look around and enjoy being out on a nice day.

I also managed to cope with cycling around dogs and children whereas before I would have kept stopping and starting. At the end I felt quite elated and am keen to keep going with it, rather than being glad it was over.

I now plan to go out a few times during the week and build my confidence. I think that I will see how I get on without making another appointment, but if I do feel I need too I will come back and see you.

Thank you for your help and I hope to see you in Millport sometime!"

Fear of Flying "I hope that you are well. Thanks for everything. It has made such a big difference. The flight was bumpy and the captain said there'd be turbulence but I was fine. I wouldn't say totally fearless but I coped really well and wasn't scared. I just went to sleep for most of the flight. I definitely think that next time I fly, I will be fine. I have a short flight soon and they are always bumpy here but I am not worried about it. It all seems irrational now to have worried for nothing! Well thanks again. Wish I had come to you years ago."

Smoking Cessation and Hypnotherapy in Glasgow 
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